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Tips for Choosing a Commercial Pressure Washing Service

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Pressure Washing Service

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Pressure Washing Service

The saying rings true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Impressing customers and clients with the appearance of your exterior business space will help you make that great first impression. Also, as we live through a pandemic, showing your business's commitment to cleanliness is more important than ever. The very best way to keep your exterior clean for your employees and visitors is to find commercial pressure washing in Orlando to do the job right. Experts offer these tips on finding the right company for the job.

Ask around

One of the best ways to procure an excellent commercial pressure washing company is by asking trusted colleagues in the industry. Getting recommendations from others who have used commercial pressure washing companies in the past will give you a great starting point and help you narrow down your options of potential companies to ones that have worked closely with businesses like yours in the past. Don't be afraid to ask family and friends who own or manage businesses for their recommendations too.

Read reviews

The internet has made it easy for companies to learn more about professional pressure washing services in their area. Searching for reputable pressure washing services on Facebook, Google, and Bing can give you access to loads of reviews from happy and unhappy customers. Looking at a business's website can also be helpful because there are testimonials from the pressure washing company’s previous clients and good information for future clients to understand.

Know your needs

When procuring a professional pressure washing service, it's always important to consider companies that can meet your unique business exterior needs. For example, there is a significant difference between exterior cleaning of a small traditional business office versus a huge multifamily residential apartment building. Knowing the best commercial pressure washing services for your type of job is vital for gaining the best quality results. Before contacting commercial pressure washing companies, take the time to consider your exterior cleaning needs so that you're able to best articulate them to prospective pressure washing services.

Value experience

It is important to remember that companies with experience and a proven track record of success in exterior business cleaning are the most likely to deliver the results you expect. Asking commercial pressure washing companies what businesses have used their services in the past is one of the best ways to understand their unique capabilities. Also, asking potential pressure washing services how many companies have converted to long-term contracts is vital for knowing if they have the experience to do the job right. A well-established pressure washing company should always have a large base of loyal customers.

Know their safety measures

Keeping customers and employees safe is a high priority for every manager and business owner. Therefore, it is imperative to inquire about the cleaning chemicals and solutions that a commercial pressure washing company uses for its cleaning process. It is also helpful to be sure that the pressure washing company is licensed and insured. Using a pressure washing service that is appropriately licensed and insured reduces your business liability if something were to go wrong in the process of cleaning your exterior. You'll also want to be sure that employees of the pressure washing services are well trained in using the potentially dangerous chemicals and equipment required to keep your property clean.

Ask for a quote

Getting a quote from each power washing company you are considering can help determine the best company for the job. Remember that knowing your cleaning needs is essential for helping a pressure washing company create a custom cleaning plan for your business. Clearly explaining what you are expecting from the exterior cleaning ensures that you will get an accurate quote.

First impressions with customers and employees often hinge on the look of your business’s exterior. Making these first impressions is essential to keep the outside of your business looking professional and clean. Unfortunately, busy business owners can find it hard to take the time to efficiently and effectively clean their commercial property on their own. Experts offer these reasons for hiring commercial pressure washing services for your business needs, so you can continue running your business.


Business owners are often concerned that clients or customers will be disturbed by the expert exterior power washing process, but leaving the pressure washing to professionals can ensure that the job gets completed as quickly as possible. In addition, pressure washing service providers are often willing to work around your business schedule and choose the most convenient time for completing the job.


Commercial pressure washing companies have business owners too. As a business owner, a commitment to quality is always essential. Commercial pressure washers are committed to making your storefront and sidewalk spotless upon completion of the job. These professional cleanings also help you put your best foot forward to make your business look beautiful and clean for new clients and customers.


It's never a bad idea to hire an expert to do exterior repairs or cleaning on your business. Trusting that a professional can finish the job without structural or environmental damage will help you focus on your other business needs.


Running a business requires a high level of integrity. Professional pressure washing services are no different than any other business. They seek to provide the most professional services possible to help you keep your professional image intact. These experts offer also offer a high level of customer service for your business cleaning needs.

Ongoing results

If you find a pressure washer company that you can trust, forming a working relationship and using them for future cleaning needs can help ensure lasting results and consistent communication that supports the continued growth of your business. Employing pressure washing service professionals is an excellent step towards taking your business to the next level by presenting the most polished image possible to your clients and customers.
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