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Nine Surprising Places and Pesky Issues that Your Pressure Washer Can Clean

Nine Surprising Places and Pesky Issues that Your Pressure Washer Can Clean

Nine Surprising Places and Pesky Issues that Your Pressure Washer Can Clean

Many people know that pressure washers are great for cleaning exterior surfaces, removing dirt, debris, and any other contaminants.  They are used to clean driveways, patios, decks, fences, siding, brick, and roofs.  Some soft washing machines are even gentle enough to be used on windows.  However, many people may not know that pressure washers are great for removing specific issues that you may have believed were too difficult to remove.  When you work with the right pressure washing contractor in Orlando, you can remove even the toughest issues that you may have assumed were permanent.  These are just a few of the pesky issues that your pressure washer can remove and the surprising places they can clean.


Many people assume that a pressure washer can only remove dirt and grime from non-porous surfaces.  However, it is also great for removing everything from debris to dried leaves that have been stuck to surfaces for even years.  These leaves may stick to a variety of surfaces and cause eyesores or clogged gutters or pipes.  Many people may even use a pressure washer to blow the leaves from their yard when they scatter throughout their yards.

Grill Grates

Are you tired of looking at a stained and disgusting grill?  Grab your pressure washer and get to work!  Pressure washers are great for removing old contaminants from your grill grates and grill surface to keep it clean and polished for each meal you want to cook.  Better yet, you do not need to be concerned with any scratching or surface issues that may occur, as soft washing will keep your grill safe.  Grill grates should be cleaned at least twice a year in order to keep a healthy and safe surface for cooking food.  Our pressure washing contractor in Orlando can handle this so that you do not need to worry about the hassle.


Has your home or business recently been vandalized by graffiti artists?  Do you want to remove these tough stains?  Instead of getting carpal tunnel syndrome by constantly scrubbing the surface with bleach to remove these paint stains, you should use a high-pressure power washer.  These machines work efficiently and safely to remove even the toughest spray paint stains from brick, concrete, siding, and many other exterior surfaces.  Once we are done with this job, your business or home will be restored to its original appearance.

Yard Toys

Are you the proud owner of a golf cart, quad, or other recreational yard toy?  When you own these fun and exciting machines, you want to keep them in optimal shape so they continue to function properly over the years.  By pressure washing these exterior vehicles, you can remove any stains, eyesores, mud, dirt, and other issues.  When you use these yard toys, you likely drive quickly, which can spray up any dirt or debris.  Cleaning these on a routine basis will not only keep them looking great, but they will also keep them working great.

Cars and Other Vehicles

When you use the right nozzle, you can actually wash your cars with a pressure washer.  If you notice any issues with your car, you may want to have the car detailed or professionally cleaned to remove these problems.  However, you can also ask your pressure washer contractor in Orlando to tend to these problems as well.  They have the right soft washing equipment, gentle cleansers, and other cleaning products to safely remove any issues from your car without damaging the paint or any of the parts.  In fact, it may even produce better results because it has the power to remove even the toughest problems.


Cleaning your gutters can be easily done by using a pressure washer to remove any debris that may be clogging these drains.  In fact, gutter cleaning is one of the most important exterior cleaning jobs you can do to ensure that your home is safely and properly functioning.  Clogged gutters can lead to extensive water damage when the issue persists over time.


Lawn mowers and tractors often become dirty from their yard jobs, and this can build up and damage the inside of the machines.  To keep your lawn equipment clean from the buildup of dried grass and dirt, you should pressure wash it on a routine basis.  Do not wait for your machine to become clogged or give you operating issues.  Instead, build this into your normal lawn maintenance routine to keep your lawnmowers running smoothly.

Old or Chipped Paint

Scraping old paint can be one of the most tedious exterior maintenance jobs out there.  However, you do not have to do this to get rid of old or chipped paint.  By using the right pressure washing nozzle and water pressure, you can remove old paint quickly without all the hassle.

Small Parts

Have you recently needed to clean your air conditioning unit or take apart your lawn equipment?  When you disassemble technology that is used for exterior purposes, you will be surprised to know that you can deep clean these parts by using your pressure washer.  If these small parts are made from nonporous elements, they are safe to clean with a pressure washer.  By cleaning these small parts the right way, you will likely remove deep stains, grime, and grease that may be causing issues with the functionality of your equipment.

These are just a few of the surprising issues that a pressure washer can clean up, despite how old or stained your surfaces may seem.  The power that a pressure washer offers allows it to reach even the toughest stains and issues outside of your home.  Contact our professional pressure washing contractor in Orlando to hear about our range of exterior cleaning services and capabilities today.