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How to Improve Your Patio This Winter

How to Improve Your Patio This Winter

How to Improve Your Patio This Winter

Many Florida homeowners love this time of year.  The weather cools down, the humidity levels drop, and the cool breeze makes it way through your home on fall and winter evenings.  When these temperatures roll around, many people find themselves enjoying their outdoor spaces much more often.  This means it is a great time to update some of those exterior areas and improve their functionality and appearance.  As experts in pressure washing in Orlando, we have helped many homeowners update their patios, decks, and outdoor spaces.  These are a few ways that you can improve your patio this winter.

Clean the Furniture

One of the first jobs you need to tackle when improving the patio space outside your home is to clean the surfaces.  This means that you should take a bucket and mop to deep clean all the surfaces and the surrounding areas.  Wipe down the chairs, tables, and other features to remove any dirt, dust, or cobwebs that may have developed over the years.

Pressure Wash

Once you are done removing the dirt from all the features around your patio, it is time to deep clean the surfaces around the patio.  Pressure washing is the best way to remove any dirt, debris, contaminants, stains, and other grimy areas of your patio.  This process involves using a heavy piece of machinery to release high-pressure water and remove tough stains.  In fact, many people report that their surfaces look brand new after a pressure washing job, especially when you work with a pressure washing contractor in Kissimmee.  Consider pressure washing everything from your concrete, asphalt, decking, wood, vinyl, and other materials that may be outside in your patio area.

Remove Debris

Do you notice litter, branches, dead flowers, and other debris in your landscaping?  Are you tired of looking at piles of garbage in the corners of your outdoor space?  Maybe you have outdated features that you no longer use, and they are collecting dust and dirt in the corner.  It is time to remove all these other features so that you can make way for a fresh and bright space.  Remove any debris or materials that simply take up space or cause issues with your patio.  

Add Landscaping

Landscaping can also enhance the surrounding areas of your patio.  When you want to relax and look out on a beautiful lawn, you may want to look at flowers, shrubs, and other landscaping elements that enhance your experience outside.  Consider adding some fresh flower beds that will blossom during all the different seasons or add some easy-to-maintain shrubs that can make the space look green and beautiful all year long.

Enhance the Space with Lights

Lighting can also transform your patio space, especially when you use this area after dark.  There are many different options that can enhance your patio space, like string lights, bold overhead lights, landscaping lights, and much more.  Choose the best types of lighting to create the mood and serve the purpose you want.  If you plan to use your backyard for large gatherings, you may want a flood light to illuminate the entire space.  However, if you want to create more ambience with a subtle but effective emotion, you may want to add string lights for those relaxing evenings outside.

Buy New Furniture

Do you have outdated patio furniture?  Now is a great time to refresh the look of your patio by adding new furniture.  Not only will you make the space seem brand new once again, but you can also save money by taking advantage of end-of-season sales.  Before you rush out to the store, consider the types of furniture that you enjoy in that space.  If you plan to eat outside, add a dining set, but if you want to relax, consider a nice wicker couch or recliner.

Personalize the Space

Do you use your patio space to entertain guests?  Do you spend your days reading books on a quiet patio?  Consider personalizing this space to your needs.  Add features that make your space more useful for your needs, like adding a fountain when you want to relax or adding a ceiling fan if you want to cool down the area for an afternoon nap.  You may also want to add signage that indicates your family name or a funny phrase that you love.

Add a New Coat of Paint

Have you noticed chipping paint or dulling colors on the wood or siding of your home?  If you have any colors that are no longer bright or vibrant, it may be time to consider adding a new coat of paint to the area.  Paint is a quick and simple update that can change the entire appearance of the space, transforming your outdated patio space to a new, vibrant, and exciting place to hang out.  Consider adding light colors to brighten up the outside area and make it easy to keep clean all year long.

Work with Professionals

All this work may seem to be overwhelming, especially if you are first starting out as a new homeowner.  Instead of tackling these responsibilities on your own, talk a professional who knows how to transform exterior spaces.  Our professional pressure washing contractor in Kissimmee has many years of experience performing exterior cleaning jobs and making these spaces seem brand new once again.  Working with us will allow you to transform your outdoor patio without any of the hassle.

By taking these steps, you can improve both the appearance and function of your patio space outside your Florida home.  When you use your patio frequently, these changes can go a long way in entertaining and relaxing each day.  If you are looking to update the appearance of your exterior space, contact our contractors for pressure washing in Orlando to get started today.