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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Pressure Washing for Large Buildings

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Pressure Washing for Large Buildings

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Pressure Washing for Large Buildings

Pressure washing is necessary for keeping large residential and commercial buildings clean. It is important to remember that first impressions are often lasting impressions. First impressions are essential for commercial buildings to keep customers and clients coming back. If the outside of your building is dingy or dirty, you should not expect clients and customers to keep coming your way. People are naturally attracted to clean spaces and structures and are more likely to visit your business if it is clean on the outside and the inside. Commercial pressure washing in Orlando is the answer if you want your business to shine.

Why pressure washing large buildings matters

If you're not working with a professional power washing company, keeping a large building clean is hard. You will need to rent or buy a commercial pressure washing machine to pressure wash your large building yourself. Hiring a professional commercial pressure washing company is better for keeping your facility clean. Pressure washing a commercial building can be an investment, but it will pay off for you in the future.

Large buildings' cleanliness and structural integrity are constantly under attack from rain, wind, snow, UV rays from the sun, and wildlife. In addition, graffiti, mold, mildew, liquid spills, and pieces of gum can also affect the exterior of your building negatively. Allowing stains like this to build up on the exterior surface will turn your building into an ugly eyesore. Also, it's hard to imagine trying to clean all that dirt and grime off a large building with high walls and crevices filled with dirt. Fortunately, pressure washing professionals are highly skilled in cleaning building exteriors.

How pressure washing works.

Pressure washing is designed to use powerful streams of water to clean surfaces. The pressurized flow creates high power kinetic energy that can break up deep-seated grime and dirt from your building’s exterior. Pressure washing professionals often use cleaning agents such as soaps and detergents to mix with water in precise ratios to help remove dirt and grime more efficiently so that you can wash it away. Pressure washing with cleaning agents is particularly effective for salt accumulation, embedded grease and grime, or tough mildew patches.

Though you can use pressure washing on most building surfaces, hiring a professional when working with brick and masonry is essential because of the delicateness attached to those building materials. Professionals are highly trained in the proper force and cleaning materials to use on delicate surfaces like masonry and brick.

Hiring an experienced pressure washing professional is a good idea because if any damage is done to your building, their insurance will be liable for the damages. On the other hand, if you rent a pressure washing machine and try to pressure wash your building on your own and cause damages, you are liable for the cost.

Pressure washing a building can be dangerous, especially if you have to use ladders to reach higher places. Hiring a professional pressure washing service can help you avoid accidents and injuries that may be costly for you in the long term. Professional pressure washing services carry their own liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect their workers and your property from injury or damages.

Benefits of pressure washing large residential and commercial buildings.

  • Lowering repair costs through preventive maintenance.

Building materials like masonry and brick can start to deteriorate over time when they are not washed regularly. Build-up like mold, algae, and bird droppings will give your building an unpleasant aesthetic but can also compromise its structural integrity. Dirt accumulation from regular pollution can produce a foothold for algae and mold to start. You may even notice plants and weeds growing out of the side of your building in the most extreme cases. These debris, mold, algae, and dirt layers can trap moisture. This moisture can cause severe problems like water damage and rust in the future. Regular pressure washing services can halt this process before it even starts.

  • Increasing the building's property value.

Whether a large residential property or a commercial building, it is likely that you want to retain your building's structure and property value in the event that you want to sell or lease the building in the future. A well-maintained and clean looking building often commands a higher selling price and attracts more offers during the selling process. You can maintain your investment in a large building or residential property through pressure washing to maintain its curb appeal.

  • Improving safety and health concerns for building occupants.

Pressure washing's positive effect on your health is perhaps the most crucial reason to have it done. You can compromise your health from the accumulation of pollen, dust, and dirt on the outside of your building. Worse yet, mold on a building exterior can eventually work its way into interior surfaces like plumbing and airflow vents. Investing in regular pressure washing maintenance services can help reduce sinus infections and breathing issues caused by surface contaminants.

  • Keeping parking lots and walkways safe.

Pressure washing walkways, parking lots, and sidewalks are essential for property maintenance. Pressure washing services can help prevent falls and slips for anyone visiting your property. In addition, pressure washing has the ability to remove mold, oil, overgrown grass, or other potential problems that can be dangerous to public health and safety. For example, algae growth or grease on sidewalks, stairs, ramps, and other walkways is hazardous for building occupants. Take action now before an accident happens. Hiring a pressure washing expert to clean walking surfaces will leave you with a safer commercial property.

It is easy to see why you need to hire a pressure washing professional to clean and maintain your large commercial building or residential property. Contact us today for more information on pressure washing in Orlando. Our experience and expertise make us the right company for all your commercial pressure washing needs. In addition, we offer free estimates to ensure that you know what you are paying for.