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Common Reasons and Benefits for Pressure Washing Your Commercial Parking Lot

Common Reasons and Benefits for Pressure Washing Your Commercial Parking Lot

Common Reasons and Benefits for Pressure Washing Your Commercial Parking Lot

A well-maintained, clean parking area says a lot about the quality of your business. When you care enough to maintain parking lot cleanliness, that can be enough to help encourage more customers to visit your store. One of the most effective ways to keep your commercial parking lot clean and well-maintained is through commercial pressure washing in Orlando. Our industry experts offer you these reasons and advantages of pressure washing your business parking lot.

Reasons to Pressure Wash your Commercial Parking Area.

It is almost impossible to keep commercial parking lots clean with constant exposure to vehicle traffic, foot traffic, and harsh weather conditions. However, here are some reasons that pressure washing your business’s parking lot regularly is critical.

Avoiding expensive long-term damage

Failure to maintain a tidy parking area can lead to damage from debris, bacteria, dirt, oil, gum, and grease building up on parking surfaces. These contaminants will break down asphalt and concrete surfaces over time, causing splits, cracks, or potholes on a parking lot surface. Removing the buildup early on will help your business avoid liability for injuries and accidents on your lot and expensive pavement repairs down the road.

Avoiding accidents and injuries

Your staff members, customers, and vendors can suffer injuries due to filthy parking area conditions. In addition, not keeping your parking lot clean will create a liability for your company. For example, oil, gas, and other vehicle fluid spills on parking lot surfaces can cause a fall hazard for staff, customers, and vendors. In addition, an unmaintained, dirty lot will often allow cracks or potholes to develop in paved surfaces, acting as tripping hazards for people parking in it.

Avoiding the loss of clients and customers

Pressure washing services for your parking area will leave your business parking lot looking sparkly and clean. Also, washing away dirt, fluid, and debris can make the lot much more attractive to customers and clients, who are easily dissuaded from doing business with a company that doesn’t care for their property. A clean parking area keeps customers and clients from having a negative outlook on your commercial property.

Staff, clients, and vendors can easily sustain injuries on a dirty, unmaintained parking lot. In addition, not keeping your commercial parking lot clean will create a liability for your company. Vehicle fluid leaks and spills left on parking lot surfaces are fall hazards for staff, vendors, and customers. Additionally, an unmaintained, filthy parking lot will lead to potholes or cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces that can cause accidents and injuries to people who park there.

Professional pressure washing is the best option for commercial parking lot cleaning. However, your staff never enjoys cleaning your parking lots through sweeping the surface with a broom, scrubbing the paving with detergent, or scraping the surface to remove buildup. Taking these tasks off your staff's responsibilities creates healthier and happier working conditions.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Parking Lot Surfaces

Even the most neglected parking lot can benefit from professional pressure washing, but it is much more difficult to remove grime and filth built up over a long time. In addition, specialized cleaning methods and equipment are needed to remove stubborn buildup, and store-bought products do not work very well for this job.

A clean commercial parking lot can attract more customers and clients. With businesses on nearly every corner, you should never risk losing customers because of something so easily prevented. Companies that commit to regular pressure washing maintenance on their parking lot surfaces will gain lots of excellent benefits, including:

An attractive parking lot

Thoroughly deep cleaning of the parking lot surface will keep the area looking new. Washing away debris, dirt, and fluid stains leaves the lot more appealing to potential customers. Commercial pressure washing in Orlando improves your business by leaving your parking lot the cleanest one on the street.

Money savings

Pressure washing is a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that your parking lot is tidy and well-maintained. The practice will help your business avoid costly repairs in the future. Professional pressure washing companies offer low continued maintenance expenses that will allow you the peace of mind of not having to stress about potential problems from having a filthy parking lot area. In addition, hiring a company for commercial pressure washing in Orlando allows business owners and managers the time needed for focusing on the other duties required for maintaining their company.

Improving the environment

Pressure washing improves the environment. Many environmentally friendly products used for pressure washing prevent harsh pollutants from contaminating local streams and rivers. Additionally, cleaning away oil, dirt, and harmful chemicals will end the possibility of your business contributing to toxic runoff affecting local water quality.

Extending your parking lot’s life

Parking lot preventative maintenance is vital for keeping your parking area functional. Regular pressure washing helps preserve the quality of paved surfaces by removing harmful buildup from oil, dirt, and vehicle fluids that break down paved surfaces over time. The more consistently you pressure wash your parking lot, the longer the lifespan of your paved surface will become. In addition, pressure washing saves you time and money by reducing the need for resurfacing, repainting, or asphalt replacement which is very expensive.

Saving on expensive liability claims

Business owners are liable for injuries and accidents caused by hazardous parking area conditions. These claims will lead to revenue loss from litigation and settlements for liability claims. In addition, if claims are filed too frequently, it can lead to increased liability insurance premiums.

Regularly pressure washing your parking lot surfaces can keep them cleaner and nearly danger-free, making your lot safer for employee and customer use. In addition, a clean lot allows your staff to quickly scan the lot’s surface for damages that may need to be repaired, like splits, potholes, or cracks that will lead to the possibility of injuries or accidents when remaining unrepaired.

Though pressure washing your commercial parking lot on your own may seem like a good idea, it is best left to a professional pressure washing service. Pressure washing companies have the experience of efficiently removing the dirt and grime from your parking lot surfaces. They also know the best pressure levels to use based on current conditions in your parking area.