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What You Should Know Before You Pressure Wash Your Surfaces

What You Should Know Before You Pressure Wash Your Surfaces

What You Should Know Before You Pressure Wash Your Surfaces

Have you set out to pressure wash the exterior surfaces of your home to update its appearance?  Have you been looking forward to using your new pressure washer to clean the outside of your home?  Using a pressure washer to clean can be challenging and difficult if it is not done correctly.  As a quality pressure washing contractor in Orlando, we have the expertise to perform the job fully, safely, and properly.  Many people who set out to pressure wash their own homes or businesses should know these few facts before they start on their cleaning jobs.

Stay Safe

Operating a pressure washer can be dangerous, so you'll always want to put safety first.  Be sure to never spray towards an electrical outlets or wires.  Also, never aim your pressure washer at any other individuals or pets, as this can cause extreme injury or even death.  When you are pressure washing, you should always wear safety equipment, like goggles and closed toe shoes, to prevent injury.

Know What to Avoid Washing

When you first set out to pressure wash, you may think you can wave your wand at any exterior surface.  However, it is important to only clean the right materials in order to avoid damage.  You should always avoid painted or stained surfaces, as the pressure washer may lift the paint.  Also, you'll want to avoid pressure washing anything that is old, as it can cause breakage or disintegration.  

Use the Right Soaps or Detergents

Sometimes you may want to enhance your cleaning efforts and use a soap or detergent that is compatible with your pressure washer.  Before you do so, you'll want to research your particular soap or detergent to make sure it is compatible with the job you are performing.  Check to ensure that the material you intend to clean is suitable for that detergent.  There are specific cleaners for specific materials, so you'll always want to keep some handy for these particular jobs.

Be Sure Pressure Washing is the Way to Go

When you want to clean your exterior features, you want to be sure that pressure washing is the right method of cleaning for you.  Sometimes warm water from the hose will clean the area just fine.  When you are looking for more of a deep clean to remove dirt, stains, debris, mold, or mildew, then pressure washing is likely the route for you.

These are just a few facts that you will want to know before you start pressure washing the exterior surface of your home or business.  Pressure washing is a great way to make any outdoor space feel like new once again while also promoting longevity in the lifespan of your features.  Our pressure washing contractor in Orlando can get the job done right the first time.  Trust us to take care of your pressure washing needs today.